Physical activity plays an important role in our well-being and quality of life. As we get older, it becomes essential to maintain our health and independence. It is never too late to adopt new habits and a more active lifestyle! It’s important to recognize that the healthy choice is not always the easiest choice and that our surroundings impact our health and ability to adopt active lifestyles.

This resource will provide you with tips and fun ideas for making physical activity a bigger part of your life. It contains relevant information and motivational stories that will help you understand how becoming more active can improve physical fitness, as well as your mental, social, spiritual and emotional health. The resource also contains worksheets that will guide you through identifying your strengths and interests, setting goals, mapping out your first steps and tracking your progress as you become more physically active.

A collaboration of members of New Brunswick's Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition: Recreation New Brunswick,NB Physical Literacy,New Brunswick Department of Social Development - Wellness Branch and other members of the Physical Activity Working Group.