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In order to download, click the link to open the file in desired format. This will open the file in a new window, where you will need to right-click on the desired file type and choose “Save File As…” to save to your computer

Promote Wellness Week!
Social media shareable

This visual piece is available for download to be shared on social media, to be added as a colourful ad in your newsletter or for display on your website, etc. Help spread the word and build excitement around Wellness Week in New Brunswick!

Download in English
Download a bilingual version
Download in French


Newspaper/Newsletter Ad Template

BIL_Ad-TemplateDownload the Photoshop document HERE.

* The zipped folder includes an English, French and Bilingual version
* Add your logo and website to co-brand it
* The Wellness Movement‘s ball logo can be increased or decreased in size
* The background and text are static

If you do not have access to the Photoshop software but would still like to use the ad, download it HERE.


Radio Ads

Click HERE to download 30-second promotional audio recordings to help promote Wellness Week in your community. Some community radio stations are open to playing community announcement such as this one at no cost, when the request comes from a community group, school or registered charity. You may also use it to complement a video reel you are creating to promote your Wellness Week events and other ways you see fit to help spread the word on Wellness Week in your community!


“Donut” Ad

Click HERE to download a professional audio recording that has a 5-8 second gap in the middle for you to add a voice recording with information about your Wellness Week event that will be embedded within that gap. Reach out to a local radio station to ask whether they’d run the ad for you at no cost. They will also have the capacity to record and add your event’s information to the recording, as this is a common practice.  You even have the option to change the event information to promote different events each day/week that the ad airs, and it can also be used for events beyond Wellness Week. Available in English and in French.

Promotional material

The Regional Wellness Consultants have promotional items, banners, roll-ups and kiosk material that you can borrow upon request. To access the contact information of Regional Wellness Consultants around the province, click here.

Some of the items available include…

Different banners and roll-ups featuring

Magnet Wellness Champion Magnets
Backpack The Wellness Movement backpacks
 The Wellness Movement pedometers
 The Wellness Movement illuminating armbands

Poster templates

Poster templates for your group to promote your community, school, or workplace wellness activity or event. The posters are Word based so they are simple to customize and print. While the background is locked and can’t be changed, the rest is yours to fill in with all the fun details of your event.

Just a note: the posters may look washed out on screen while creating the documents in Word but when printed or turned into a PDF, they will be full-color and look amazing!

New Save The Date ENGSave the Date template DOC

·The poster is built with text boxes. Click on each box to select it and change the text to add information about your event. Delete/add boxes as needed.
·The green used in the document, which we recommend you use if you add new elements, is Red:2 Green:178 Blue:128
·The font used is Arial.
·The “Save the Date” wordmark can be moved or deleted, but cannot be edited
·A white band was saved for you to add logos as desired, and the GNB logo can be deleted if preferred.

Logos Download all

Here are some useful tools that you can use to co-brand your communications. Suggestions on how to use these are included in the Guidelines for using logos.

Wellness Movement logo_BIL-m
Wellness Movement logo_BLACK-m
Wellness Champion logo_BIL_Email signature-m

Well Workplace Logo RGB FA

Well Workplace Logo BIL-HOR RGB FA


Regional Logos Download all

PowerPoint template

PowerPoint template-m  A presentation template for your group to use for your own purposes. Add your own material, photos and videos and use it for…

    • Your end of school year assembly
    • A workplace wellness presentation
    • A Wellness Network’s success story workshop
    • Any wellness-related initiative.
      Download the PowerPoint document HERE

Wellness Wheel

This PDF document can be printed on “Tabloid” paper format (11″x 17″) to create Wellness Wheels of approximately 10 inches in diameter. You can choose to print it on a smaller paper format by changing the print settings. PDF