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Mental Fitness Infographic

What is Mental Fitness ‒ Infographic

This infographic presents in a simple, succinct way “what is mental fitness”, as well as the elements in a person’s physical and social environments that influence it. A great tool to spark discussion on mental fitness, to accompany a presentation or even to display in a classroom, a community space or a workplace to raise awareness on these elements. Make sure to have a look at our companion infographics on the CAR Approach to mental fitness here!

New Brunswick Department of Social Development - Wellness Branch

Where to Eat in New Brunswick Schools

How do schools in rural areas with little in the way of cafeteria facilities offer excellent food? How can some schools maintain low prices for healthy food? Above all, what can we learn from each other? This document outlines success stories in New Brunswick, and profiles schools and organizations who work towards serving tasty, nutritious foods to NB students.

New Brunswick Medical Society

Workplace Wellness Posters

Add some colour in your workplace and showcase a wellness-focused message! Here’s the perfect tool to do so! You can print these colourful posters on any regular colour printer to complement your current workplace wellness efforts or get the ball rolling in the workplace in getting started with wellness. This PDF document includes 3 posters in a 8 1/2 by 11 inches format (Letter) that promote healthy eating, mental fitness and resilience, and physical activity.

The Workplace Wellness Movement