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Active Aging in New Brunswick Toolkit

Physical activity plays an important role in our well-being and quality of life. As we get older, it becomes essential to maintain our health and independence. It is never too late to adopt new habits and a more active lifestyle! It’s important to recognize that the healthy choice is not always the easiest choice and that our surroundings impact our health and ability to adopt active lifestyles.

This resource will provide you with tips and fun ideas for making physical activity a bigger part of your life. It contains relevant information and motivational stories that will help you understand how becoming more active can improve physical fitness, as well as your mental, social, spiritual and emotional health. The resource also contains worksheets that will guide you through identifying your strengths and interests, setting goals, mapping out your first steps and tracking your progress as you become more physically active.

A collaboration of members of New Brunswick's Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition: Recreation New Brunswick,NB Physical Literacy,New Brunswick Department of Social Development - Wellness Branch and other members of the Physical Activity Working Group.

Active and Safe Routes to School Cycling Resource Manual 

A resource for schools, school districts, and municipalities interested in supporting and encouraging cycling trips by school community members, including students, families, and school staff. A comprehensive document listing activities to encourage cycling, programs to provide skills and awareness among the students, as well as information on the type of infrastructure policies needed.

Hub for Action on School Transportation Emmissions (HASTE)

After School Hours Grant Program

This grant program will provide up to $2000 to support organizations in their efforts to increase physical activity, healthy eating, community connections and innovative learning experiences in New Brunswick’s after school hours programs. Eligible programs must be led by a New Brunswick organization that is committed to furthering the wellness of New Brunswickers. The types of organizations may include schools, networks, coalitions, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations (local, regional, provincial), associations and private businesses such as day cares or preschool programs. Individuals are not eligible to apply.

New Brunswick Department of Social Development - Wellness Branch

At My Best

This program adopts a holistic approach to teaching children about health and well-being. Teachers can order a toolkit with materials designed specifically for their grade level. The website features a kids’ section with a music room and suggestions of family activities to do at home.

At My Best

Break It Off

Using an innovative new approach, this national tobacco cessation awareness campaign aims to encourage young adults to quit smoking, stay quit and move on with their life staying tobacco-free, using the metaphor of a relationship break-up. Interesting tips and creative tools to support you: The Break It Off mobile application to help smokers track their break-up progress and overcome cravings and triggers when they happen, a Facebook Relationship Status feature that allows smokers to proudly announce their break-up with smoking to their network of friends encouraging positive feedback and support from others and access to quit coaches through the pan-Canadian Quitline at 1-866-366-3667

Brought to you by the Canadian Cancer Society and Health Canada

Canada’s Food Guide

Canada’s Food Guide will help you and your family know how much food you need, what types of foods are better for you, and the importance of physical activity in your day.

Health Canada

Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines Handbook

This booklet shows how you and your family can plan to be physically active every day using the Canadian Physical Activity guidelines. It includes all eight of the Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour guidelines, plus sample log books with plenty of examples of ways you can incorporate physical activity into your schedule. Use the blank logs to track your own progress!

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 

CANRISK – The Canadian Diabetes Risk Questionnaire

This interactive questionnaire will help you find out if you are at higher risk of having pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes through a series of questions about important risk factors for diabetes. These include age, family history of diabetes, ethnicity, and other factors. The questionnaire also allows you to enter your weight and height to determine your BMI and will ask you to measure your waist circumference to include these in your assessment. Throughout the questionnaire, you are being provided with specific pertinent facts regarding the information you enter.

Canadian Diabetes Association in partnership with Public Health Agency of Canada

Champion Stories

There are Wellness Champions in communities all around New Brunswick, whether they be individuals, families, community groups, schools or workplaces. Some have shared their success stories so they can be an inspiration for all of us. Check out these stories, get inspired and share them with others!

The Wellness Movement