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The Benefits of Gardening and Food Growing for Health and Wellbeing

It is increasingly recognized, by individuals and health professional alike, that gardening and food growing is good for our health and wellbeing. While much of the evidence for these benefits is anecdotal, there is a large, and growing, body of evidence published in the scientific literature. The aim of this review is to draw together some of the published evidence so that it can be used to support decision making and to encourage health professionals to actively use gardening and food growing as part of the health care service provision.

The Green Book – Guide for Connecting with Nature

The Green Book is one of the outcomes of the “GetOutside! NB” initiative. It is a province-wide concept aimed at connecting youth and families to nature using the national and provincial parks as a starting point. It is a collaboration among departments of government, both federal and provincial, and non-governmental organizations, all sharing the vision of connecting people to nature. The GetOutside! NB Green Book provides information aimed to serve as a guide for all outdoor educators who wish to safely connect people to nature. The guide is intended to take you along the outdoor education cycle from planning to delivery. Find an introduction to basic ecological concepts, an overview of safety and risk concerns, as well as a section on outdoor education and topics such as leadership, program planning, and program delivery. The fourth section includes examples of games and activities for outdoor education programs, and it presents some sample programs. The final section contains reference information and contacts to aid in the development of outdoor education experiences.

Parks New Brunswick in collaboration with the "Get Outside! NB" collective

The NB Playbook

The PLAYBOOK is a comprehensive resource using a holistic approach, designed for front-line leaders of after school programs offered to children and youth ages 5 to 19 in New Brunswick. Throughout The NB PLAYBOOK, you will find FUN IDEAS!, DID YOU KNOWS? and TIPS! intended to provide you with additional thoughts, ideas and activities for programming. In each component, you will find resource highlights and after school successes from across the province to inspire you.

The NB PLAYBOOK is also available as a website. Visit

Recreation New Brunswick

Walking School Bus Flyer

What do you have when you combine healthy exercise with hands-on street-proofing lessons and reduced air pollution emissions? A WALKING SCHOOL BUS! A Walking (or Cycling) School Bus is two or more families traveling together for safety. See this flyer for more information about how to start a Walking School Bus in your community.

Active and Safe Routes to School