As part of the mandate of the Neighborhood Action Team (community policing unit) to meet the needs of the community and focus in areas of crime and harm reduction the FPF Seniors Advisory Committee was established. The committee has been meeting with a police coordinator on a regular monthly basis since its inception in January 2013. The six members of the committee are active and engaged seniors from the local Fredericton area who have been enthusiastically working hand in hand with the FPF to ensure policing services are meeting the needs of our aging population. The committee members share with the police a diverse cross section of experience, ranging from public service to private enterprise. Several committee members also have had extensive backgrounds and careers in the medical field which have been put to good use in the development of the key programs. Committee members have assisted the FPF in: delivering Crime and Fraud Prevention presentations to more than 30 local seniors groups; developing and distributing the Medical Emergency White Board that will assist First Responders in the cases of medical emergencies; and developing and distributing Evacuation Identifiers for seniors with mobility challenges living in multi unit buildings (to assist First Responders). The FPF has recognized the need to be progressive and adapt to our changing demographics, and as a result the Seniors Advisory Committee is proving to be a valuable component in the Neighborhood Action Team’s commitment to community outreach efforts.

Fredericton City Council