Western Valley

Western Valley is living the good life as the winner of the Wellness Region of New Brunswick 2013!

March & April 2013 076

Western Valley has been crowned the winner, positioning itself as New Brunswick’s Wellness Region of 2013! Western Valley, earning the highest participation amongst 9 regions in the province, worked hard to earn the title, logging more than 1280 registered wellness commitments on www.wellnessnb.ca.

Not only did Western Valley earn the title of New Brunswick Wellness Region 2013, but it is home to the top three community contenders in the race to become Wellness Community of New Brunswick 2013; Hartland, Centreville, and the winner, Nackawic!

All of the communities in the region worked hard to contribute to winning the title by making Wellness a part of everyday living. Many workplaces in the region became involved, organizing and encouraging staff members to make wellness commitments as a group. Schools were equally engaged, Hartland Community School serving as a prime example, successfully organizing a mental fitness initiative that culminated with a choreographed dance involving the entire student body. Physical activity played a big role as well, with people of all ages getting ‘in motion’ throughout the region.

There were many partnerships throughout the year in Western Valley that were instrumental in recruiting so many participants. Partners included municipalities, workplaces, schools, clubs, health care professionals, First Nation communities, the Western Valley Wellness Network and many more, making a contribution that has been invaluable. Special mention also goes to all of the champions in the communities that worked hard to reach out and involve the community, inspiring and supporting people to take a step towards healthier living and take advantage of the joys and benefits of being a part of the Wellness Movement.

Keep an eye open for the New Brunswick Wellness Region 2013 Flag, flying proudly in 5 Western Valley communities this year!