Workplace Wellness: A Comprehensive Approach

Creating and sustaining a wellness-supportive workplace requires a comprehensive approach that includes the following essential and interdependent elements: a healthy workplace culture, a safe work environment, and sound employee wellness practices.

When implemented collaboratively, with key stakeholders, this approach can initiate change in your workplace that can positively influence employee engagement and productivity. Effective, comprehensive workplace wellness initiatives incorporate the following strategies:

Supportive Policies and Procedures that reinforce the organization’s commitment to workplace wellness.

Supportive Environments that provide opportunities for healthy and safe choices, lifestyles, behaviours and practices.

Evidence-based decisions and actions.

Skill Development to assist employees and recognize their need for behaviour change in order to develop healthy coping strategies and make the choice to take responsibility for their personal well-being.

Engagement and Inclusion to remove barriers to participation and encourage active involvement in workplace wellness.

Awareness and Education about resources, current effective practices, community supports and credible health, safety and wellness information.

Monitoring to assist in the evaluation, development and improvement of the policies, programs, and activities that support a positive return on investment for workplace wellness.


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