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Chaleur Green Trails

Chaleur Green Trails is a non-profit group aiming to build and maintain non-motorized trails for biking and pedestrians in the Chaleur region, by offering the Chaleur residents and tourists the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of physical activity while enjoying the wonderful sceneries that nature has to offer. This project aims at contributing to the physical and mental wellness of the population, the conservation of the environment by offering a green alternative for transportation and the region’s economic vitality by attracting families and tourists. With a mix of marked shoulders along streets, paved and fine graveled trails, Chaleur Green Trails plans on connecting communities, existing parks, recreational areas and panoramic viewpoints.

Chaleur Green Trails has a very active community on their Facebook page.

Sentiers Verts Chaleur Green Trails

Learn to Run for Smokers

The “Learn to Run for Smokers” program was designed by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. The objective of the 8-week program is to teach smokers and quitters training and running techniques. The underlying objective is to initiate the participants to running and being active, in order for them to grow a greater interest for it and eventually use it as a motivation to quit smoking, or keep living tobacco-free, since physical activity and smoking don’t belong together.

As of July 2015, the program is offered in the Acadian Peninsula only, by contacting Brigitte Ouellette or Marie-Josée Roussel

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia