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Gal Pal Pak

The Gal Pal Pak is a group of women who motivate and support each other to be more active. The group is active through a Facebook page and connects women from all over the province. The purpose of this group is not to push anyone but simply to encourage you to do what makes you comfortable and helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle. They are a group of ladies of all shapes and sizes, some young and some wiser who share recipes, exercise tips and motivational quotes. They challenge each other and do group activities together to which everyone is more than welcome to participate. There is a group of Gal Pals from the Campbellton/Atholville area who regularly hikes mount Sugarloaf, Squaw Cap mountain and other trails in the area. Visit their Facebook page to connect with them and join the group.

The Gal Pal Pak Fitness Group

Les Montagnards Outdoors Club

Les Montagnards Outdoors Club is a community of volunteers inviting the regional population and visitors to experience the pleasures of active living and the great outdoors in the magnificient nature of the Sugarloaf Provincial Park. The Club is a focal-point for individuals interested in the development of outdoor activities in Sugarloaf Park, including but not limited to: cross-country skiing , snowshoeing, biking, hiking. Their website offers you to discover the great outdoor trails and activities offered at Sugarloaf Park. Become a member of Les Montagnards Outdoors Club and help one of the Club’s committees (cross country ski, snowshoeing, biking or hiking) organize outdoor activities in the Park.

Les Montagnards Outdoors Club

Sugarloaf Provincial Park

Situated in New Brunswick’s Appalachian Mountain region, Sugarloaf Provincial Park is the perfect destination for a family-friendly getaway or wilderness adventure.

Hike to the summit of Sugarloaf Park’s 305-m (1,000-ft.) mountain and see the city of Campbellton spread out below. The junction of Chaleur Bay and the Restigouche River create a waterscape of exceptional beauty, and the rolling hills of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec on the other side of the water will have you in awe. This park contains more than 25 km (16 mi.) of hiking and biking trails, with the 4-km (2.5-mi.) Terry Fox Trail winding around the base of the mountain.

Sugarloaf Park is a key partner in the community. Year around, a number of special events, workshops and activities are hosted in the park, namely the annual Wellness Fair during Wellness Week in October and Winter Wellness Day in late-January/early-February. Sugarloaf Park is also the home of Les Montagnards Outdoors Club.

New Brunswick Parks