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Healthy Recipes Videos

A video series of healthy recipes presented by The Wellness Movement’s chef Liliane Poirier. Five easy recipes featured: Curried Squash Soup Stir-fried Kale Quinoa and Roma Tomato Salad Yummiest Green Smoothie Honey-Mustard Grilled Salmon

The Wellness Movement

Healthy School Planner

The Healthy School Planner is a free tool that schools can use to assess the current health environment and build a plan to make improvements. The tool offers tailor-picked advice to outline the steps for moving forward and also an evaluation chart to keep track of your progress.

Pan-Canadian Joint Consortium for Health

Heart Healthy Lesson Plans

A resource for elementary teachers to use with their class, which promotes participation in physical activity. Each plan is tailored for a specific grade, from kindergarten to grade eight, with suitable lessons and activities for kids of all ages. Lesson plans include step-by-step instructions for games and workshop, and provide background information.

Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart Smart Kids Guide

An intermediate grades resource to teach students that it isn’t a chore to be healthy – it’s fun and it’s easy. Four teaching modules focus on healthy eating, active living, being smoke-free and making healthy choices in a real-life situation.

Heart and Stroke Foundation