The Thériault Family

Bernise Thériault is no rookie when it comes to volunteer work. In fact, the fifty year-old Grand-Anse resident has been volunteering for more than 25 years, over half of her life so far! And over the span of these years, her efforts have been many. For years she volunteered at her local parish with her husband René, teaching catechism during her daughter’s early life and helping organize a Christmas Presents campaign. Later, when their only daughter Vanessa got older, they volunteered as a family in a theatre production called “Les Défricheurs d’Eau” that took place at the Village Historique Acadien in Caraquet, serving as both organizers and actors. Their participation in this theatre production spanned over three summers.

The family still volunteers together and Bernise says that they are stronger as a family because of it. Their efforts these days have taken a particular focus on wellness. All three family members sit on their local Wellness Committee, organizing the Wellness Day that took place in Grande-Anse on June 8, 2013. The family believes in the importance of Wellness, and speaks passionately about both Wellness Day, and the importance of living well every day.

Bernise has clearly been a great role model for her family as well. All three love to give back to their community, and acknowledge that there is no feeling quite like the one you get when you spend your time enriching the lives of others. Bernice has become an inspiration for others. She comments that when people hear that her volunteer efforts are supported and complimented by those of her family, they express admiration for the family’s hard work, and she is reminded of how very lucky she is. Volunteering will remain a big part of the Thériaults’ family life, and the family is already beginning to plan for Wellness Day 2014! Keep your ears to the ground to find out what great projects the Thériaults take on next!