What is The Wellness Movement?

An ongoing effort to inspire and support the creation of wellness-supporting environments that benefit all New Brunswickers.


The Wellness Movement supports New Brunswick’s Wellness Strategy by being a common platform and connection point for wellness in New Brunswick. The Wellness Movement supports, connects, and celebrates all New Brunswickers – individuals, families, community groups, schools and workplaces – working on enhancing one or more aspect of wellness.

The Wellness Movement celebrates the people and places that support our well-being. Everyone has a role to play. This website provides you with the inspiration to start your story by profiling stories in your community and directs you to tools and resources to help you, your family, your community group, school or workplace take your next step on your path to wellness. Help grow The Wellness Movement in New Brunswick.

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Who is part of The Wellness Movement?

If you support or promote health and wellbeing in New Brunswick, you are part of The Wellness Movement.

What is our common purpose?

To work together to create wellness-supporting environments in New Brunswick where people have the opportunity to live a life of health and wellbeing in their homes, communities, schools and workplaces.

How does The Wellness Movement contribute to achieving this common purpose?

By offering wellness partners and wellness champions a platform to work together, by inspiring people, and by guiding them to resources that support and enhance their wellbeing.

I’d like to better understand what wellness is and learn about wellness-supporting environments in New Brunswick.

I am ready to take steps to improve wellness for those around me and start creating wellness-supporting environments.

I want to connect with The Wellness Movement and help improve or raise awareness around wellness-supporting environments.