Age-Friendly Communities
Are Empowering Seniors to Thrive

An Age-Friendly Community is a place where seniors can age actively, live in security and enjoy good health – actions that will improve the quality of life for all citizens well into the future. When a community undertakes age-friendly initiatives, they’re creating a supportive environment where seniors are respected for the valuable contributions they make and where seniors are given a chance to let their strengths shine. This doesn’t just enhance the quality of life for individuals as they get older – it builds a community that’s more inclusive for everyone!

Featured Age-Friendly Community Resources

A whole collection of Seniors Resources is available to help you on your path to wellness.
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Communities Recognized as Age-Friendly Champions

New Brunswick’s Age-Friendly Recognition Program recognizes those municipalities and communities that have completed the first four steps based on the World Health Organization’s framework to become Age-Friendly:

  1. Secure official commitment to the Age-Friendly Community approach.
  2. Establish an Age-Friendly Steering Committee and engage the community.
  3. Conduct an age-friendly assessment.
  4. Establish a comprehensive action plan.

These steps take significant time and effort. Congratulations to all the successful recipients of the Age-Friendly Recognition Award for their commitment and leadership in becoming an Age-Friendly Community!

This award has been presented since 2017 and more communities are being recognized each year. Click the badges on the map to learn more about what each community has accomplished in their journey toward becoming an age-friendly community. Plus, check out the featured Age-Friendly Community Resources.

In an effort to facilitate communities working together and supporting one another in their age-friendly initiatives, The Wellness Movement would like to applaud those communities that are working hard and are well on their way to becoming age-friendly. We hope this map will help communities to reach out to one another for encouragement and share resources along the journey.

Age-Friendly Recognition Award Recipients

Age-Friendly Recognition Award Recipients

2019 Award Recipients

2018 Award Recipients

2017 Award Recipients

Communities who have achieved a minimum of the second milestone as per the Age-Friendly Award criteria

Communities who have achieved a minimum of the second milestone  as per the Age-Friendly  Award criteria
  • Bas-Caraquet
  • Bathurst
  • Caraquet
  • Drummond
  • Edmundston
  • Grand Falls
  • Kedgwick
  • Lamèque
  • Maisonnette
  • Memramcook
  • Miramichi
  • Nackawic
  • Paquetville
  • Sackville
  • Saint Andrews
  • Saint-Antoine
  • Saint-Quentin
  • Shediac
  • Shippagen
  • St-Léonard
  • Woodstock