Eel Ground Health and Wellness Centre

The staff at Eel Ground Health and Wellness Centre has been taking steps to target specific needs in the community and enhance the wellness of community members by supporting them to make healthy choices and by bringing people together through community events. Among the multitude of initiatives happening in the community of roughly 800, there is both a Registered Nurse and Certified Fitness Instructor on hand to make personalized assessments and healthy recommendations, health and wellness educational workshops with a focus on prevention, fun family activities and a number of physical fitness programs ranging from Zumba to canoeing to archery. The volunteers initially had difficulty connecting with and involving community members, but with a targeted approach and by listening closely to what people in the community were saying, the volunteers were able to connect with and involve local residents. The results have been clear; community members are taking a new interest in their wellbeing and are taking steps to live healthier lifestyles.

The volunteers plan to continue listening closely to participants’ feedback, and base future initiatives on those needs. They hope to offer more after-school programs and activities, and continue helping community members enrich and enhance their wellness.