Wellness goes beyond the individual choices we make. It happens when the people and places around us, support us. Wellness-supporting environments can be anywhere – from where you live, learn and work, to where you spend your free time. Whether you are simply interested in learning more about wellness or ready to get involved full-steam ahead, this website has information, resources and inspiration for you.

So, what brings you here today? Choose below:

I’d like to better understand what wellness is and learn about wellness-supporting environments in New Brunswick.

I am ready to take steps to improve wellness for those around me and start creating wellness-supporting environments.

I want to connect with The Wellness Movement and help improve or raise awareness around wellness-supporting environments.

Featured Story

Peggy’s Story

Meet Margaret O’Connell. She prefers “Peggy” with her friends. When Peggy’s eldest child left for university, empty nest syndrome hit her hard. Here, at the end of an era she knew so well, she felt lost. She started feeling like she was just going through the motions of daily life, struggling with depression and overeating as a result. “I never realized what I was putting in my…
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A whole collection of resources is available to help you in your path to wellness. Click here!