Legal – Privacy Policy

The Wellness Movement’s DIY Videos are created using photos supplied by users with the knowledge and intent of The Wellness Movement rendering that content into a video which is accessible through the Wellness New Brunswick Facebook Page.
On occasion, The Wellness Movement may choose to feature submitted user videos online through social media, the Wellness NB website (, speaking engagements, conferences, symposiums and other public activities carried out by The Wellness Movement.

Users creating videos do so with an implied understanding that they hold copyright over these photos and have the authority to use these photos. Users retain copyright over the videos as created and can request to have their completed DIY Video removed from Wellness NB online properties, as well as the Wellness NB DIY Video database on request. By creating a video, the user does so with the understanding that The Wellness Movement will post these videos publicly on the Wellness New Brunswick Facebook page and that The Wellness Movement may use these rendered videos to support other activities carried out by The Wellness Movement. A user’s video can be removed by contacting The Wellness Movement and indicating the direct link to the video, originally supplied to the user by email.