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How one woman’s change is inspiring thousands in her community

To any of the 16,000 listeners of Radio CKRO in Pokemouche, Monique Aubin sounded like the embodiment of wellness. Monique is the host of a show centred around wellness and inspiration that can be heard twice a week. However, behind the microphone, all was not as well with this wellness warrior as it may have seemed.

Monique had struggled for years with her weight and seasonal depression. That is, until she tuned in to a frequency of self-empowerment. She decided it was time to make some changes and live the life of wellness that she spoke about to thousands. She wanted to become the practitioner behind the preacher.

It all started with a smile; a conscious decision to wake up every morning and be happy. She chose to take on a more positive outlook, and this led to more positive changes. She now goes to the gym three times a week. She eats well and drinks plenty of water, and feels so much better about herself, especially when addressing her loyal listeners.

The personal results have been amazing. At the age of 31, Monique wore a bikini for the first time in her life. She has motivated her sister to also make positive changes, and she is really looking forward to feeling her best this coming summer, when she will be part of the wedding party as her longtime friend gets married.

Monique now has a real-life story of inspiration to share with her audience – her own story. She practices what she preaches and is spreading the word of wellness in her twice-weekly broadcasts.

Monique’s story is one of personal responsibility and she is quick to point out that in order to see the change, you have to be the change. She is living proof that, through positive day-to-day action, we can all welcome wellness into our lives.

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