The Community Action Group on Homelessness is a joint community program of non-profit organizations, government representatives and community leaders who are working together to end homelessness in Fredericton. Their mission is to strengthen community capacity to end homelessness in Fredericton through collective planning, collaboration and community engagement. Their vision is one of a community where all who find themselves homeless have immediate options for housing and support, with the ultimate goal of ending homelessness. Their objective is to develop a multi-year plan to end homelessness in Fredericton. The CAGH is an inclusive community forum that encourages participation from a broad range of perspectives working toward our common mission and vision. These include: representatives of homeless serving agencies; representatives from federal, provincial and municipal governments; representatives from public service providers; representatives from key sectors; community members; funders’ homeless or formerly homeless individuals; advocacy organizations.

Community Action Group on Homelessness (CAGH)