Falls Brook Centre is a demonstration centre and registered charity that works to foster thriving local communities by educating and inspiring people to adopt environmentally sound practices. Through partnerships, recreation, and education that support the creation of a balanced, sustainable way of life, FBC seeks to explore and promote practical solutions to today’s environmental, social, and economic challenges. Through the development and promotion of meaningful demonstrations, the FBC hopes to show that it is possible to reduce our impact on the environment while contributing positively to local communities and economies. FBC works on a range of successful domestic and international programs that support local communities and organizations to adapt to a sustainable future. Four focus areas: local food, renewable energy, biodiversity, and thriving communities. Vision: Local communities working together to create and celebrate a world with strong relationships, a healthy natural environment, and vibrant local communities. Mission: Falls Brook Centre is a leading education and demonstration centre that inspires people to work together, using environmentally sound practices to create thriving local communities. Guiding Principles: We have a demonstrated commitment to sustainability; we are enthusiastic, passionate professionals; we are innovative; we celebrate and share nature’s beauty; we are hands-on; we are welcoming; we focus on community-based solutions; we consider financial visibility to be critical.

Falls Brook Centre