The City of Fredericton Age-Friendly Community Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of Fredericton City Council. The committee is comprised of a cross-section of individual seniors, representatives of seniors groups, a city councilor and agency representatives who are committed to working towards the betterment of life for seniors in the community. The mandate of Age-Friendly Fredericton is:  to advise City Council, through its Standing Committees, on matters presently under consideration by City staff and Council that impact the quality of life of seniors in Fredericton; to work cooperatively with Council through the Community Services Committee and municipal departments by providing advice and information on the City’s policies, programs and service delivery that affect seniors, e.g. recreation, access to municipal services, healthy aging, municipal planning, etc; to encourage and facilitate dialogue throughout the community regarding municipal matters that directly impact seniors; to act as a forum for feedback from seniors on municipal matters that directly impact their daily lives; and to be guided by the World Health Organization’s framework for age-friendly cities.

Fredericton City Council