The Nashwaak Watershed Association Inc. is a non-profit organization which started in 1995. The association is involved in such things as the Atlantic Salmon Federation’s Fish Friends program, raising early-run, fall-fed salmon fry to augment natural spawning, smolt rearing to sexual maturity in fresh water for a gene banking program, eroding river bank restoration by tree planting, water sampling, participation in crown forest land lease advisory groups, trail improvement, salmon smolt assessment, downstream smolt passage improvement on the Saint John River system, and various other programs concerning protection of the  Nashwaak Watershed and its ecosystem. The Nashwaak Watershed is a non-profit organization which means that its members  and volunteers are a fundamental part of their success. Their Mission: The Nashwaak River watershed should be managed as a healthy ecosystem that balances a variety of economic, recreational, social and landowner interests. All stakeholders on the Nashwaak are committed to sustaining the scenic and serene nature of the watershed in a manner consistent with the pursuits of all user groups. The Nashwaak River watershed should serve the community while maintaining a healthy resource for generations to come.

Nashwaak Watershed Association