Rosemary’s Pantry Grants are part of the Fredericton Community Foundation’s Community Grant program and were established through a generous donation by Rosemary McCain-McMillan. In 2017, the Fredericton Community Foundation distributed a little over $18,000 in grants to help to support initiatives aiming to feed hungry school children.

Through these grants, organizations in the Greater Fredericton community receive funding to develop creative and impactful solutions to the dilemma of student hunger. The Fredericton Community Foundation looks for applicants with fresh ideas and solutions to the problem of hunger by addressing one or more of the following criteria:

  • Proposals that bring value to existing community resources by leveraging unusually creative and impactful partnerships.
  • A premium is placed on proposals with strong program design, implementation and evaluation. Proposals should be linked to an evidenced-based logic model.
  • Consumer choice and self-determination of program participants. Proposals that engage, inspire and empower program participants at every step of the journey will be considered more attentively.
The Fredericton Community Foundation