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Having the right support leads to great achievements. This Health Centre got that right and the results speak for themselves!

Rogersville is a community that takes wellness to heart. And you can see it all throughout the village, starting with the Health Centre, where an exceptional smoking cessation program is offered. Watch as registered nurse Maxine Caissie and Dr. Basil Blanchard explain how implementing a new smoking cessation pilot program, based on the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation, raised the success rates for their patients looking to quit smoking from 22% to 46%! The Ottawa Model aims to support people in a way that’s adapted to their individual needs, story, capacities… It’s also an approach that encourages health professionals to leverage community resources to help their patients as well as offer continuous support. In light of the phenomenal success of the pilot program, most hospitals and Health Centres across the province have implemented programs based on the approach.

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child. In Rogersville, they decided they would be a whole village helping people be healthy! Wellness Lives where people feel supported. Wellness Lives Here.

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