The Wellness Movement for seniors is growing in New Brunswick!

This web page connects you with local wellness groups, tools and resources catered to and designed for seniors’ wellness.

Make sure to have a look at the Wellness Events Calendar to find out about activities, walking groups, 50+ health clinics and other wellness activities that might interest you!

Remember that New Brunswick now has a toll-free number for seniors, their families and caregivers who are looking for information on government programs and services. Please call
Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Service is offered in both languages.

Wellness Resources for Seniors

For wellness resources and tools to help you in your path to wellness at home, at school, at work and as a community, click here to view the complete resources library.

Age-Friendly Community Recognition Program

The Age Friendly Community movement encourages the establishment of policies, services, and structures that promote healthy aging and wellness. These actions enable seniors to live in secure, healthy environments where they can contribute fully in society. The New Brunswick Age-Friendly Recognition Program recognizes success and encourages communities and municipalities to take sustainable action towards becoming Age-Friendly. To be recognized for their Age-Friendly efforts, communities must complete 4 basic steps based on the WHO framework. These steps demonstrate a community’s commitment to Age-Friendly principles through community engagement, and action. Each step is designed to help communities increase awareness, and gather support from key partners (e.g citizens, local agencies, non-government organizations, and local business).

The Wellness Movement in collaboration with The New Brunswick Collaborative for Healthy Aging and Care

Age-Friendly Guide: How to Develop Your Age-Friendly Community (AFC)

Creating environments that support seniors to live healthy, active and safe lives and participate fully as valued members within their communities is one of the most effective approaches to address issues related to the aging demographic trend. This guide will be a useful tool for anyone who undertakes an AFC initiative. It provides direction regarding the broad principles and parameters recommended by the World Health Organization, but within a New Burnswick context. The intent is to encourage the AFC movement to take rout in all New Brunswick communities

Association francophone des ainés du Nouveau-Brunswick, in collaboration with The Wellness Movement

Breastfeeding Support Factsheet for Grand-Parents

Infant feeding practices have changed over the years. More and more families in New Brunswick are breastfeeding. As a grandparent, support can have a positive effect on a mother’s breastfeeding success. This factsheet aims to provide grand-parents with information on the health benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for babies and their mother, and present a few suggestions on ways to provide proactive support in order to help mothers breastfeed for as long as possible.

This factsheet was created as part of the awareness campaign “Working Together Makes Breastfeeding Better”.

A collaborative initiative from The Wellness Movement,Breastfeeding NB, Horizon Health Network, and Vitalité Health Network

CANRISK – The Canadian Diabetes Risk Questionnaire

This interactive questionnaire will help you find out if you are at higher risk of having pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes through a series of questions about important risk factors for diabetes. These include age, family history of diabetes, ethnicity, and other factors. The questionnaire also allows you to enter your weight and height to determine your BMI and will ask you to measure your waist circumference to include these in your assessment. Throughout the questionnaire, you are being provided with specific pertinent facts regarding the information you enter.

Canadian Diabetes Association in partnership with Public Health Agency of Canada