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How this “Pak” has helped a group of women get ahead on their wellness goals.

For a lot of people, a lack of motivation stops them from exercising regularly. Often finding a partner or group can offer the encouragement needed to keep going and push just a little bit further. One group is proving just that: The Gal Pal Pak.

Lyne Legacy, founder of the group and an active 53 year-old grandmother of five, is a perfect example of the kind of generosity and vitality found in the Pak. Active since the age of 20, she understands how important physical activity is for wellness. Last winter, Lyne was snowshoeing with a small group of women on a regular basis. As the days got warmer and spring came along, Linda, another member of the group, suggested they continue to find ways to be active together. Lyne told the group, “I’m training for a 5 km run in Carleton in early June, do you want to join me?” And that’s how the group went from snowshoeing to running, 3 times a week. They participated in several runs that summer.

The Gal Pal Pak was born. Through word of mouth, the group grew to have a Facebook page with over 300 members where the women exchange motivational stories, recipes, and information on physical activity. As the group grew, so did the list of the activities; these women are not afraid to try something new! From running to walking, stretching to yoga, from Aqua Zumba to cycling — the Pak is constantly finding new ways to challenge themselves. Day after day these women receive inspiration and support from each other.

The group started as a way to stay connected and plan outings, but ended up being so much more. The positive energy they share fuels their motivation every day. This group proves that pursuing wellness together really packs a punch! Their story is a great example of how one person’s desire to make positive changes in their life can inspire others, and how the support of a group can help all its members accomplish goals they may not be able to reach on their own.

Wellness, vitality and fun runs through the whole Gal Pal Pak!

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