Municipalité régionale de Tracadie
One Page Action Summary

The Wellness Movement is pleased to recognize the Municipalité régionale de Tracadie for their leadership and commitment in becoming an Age-Friendly Community (AFC) where seniors are supported to thrive. Here are the steps the Municipalité régionale de Tracadie took to become recognized as an Age-Friendly Community, categorized under the 4 basic steps of the World Health Organization (WHO):

  1. Secure community commitment by having the municipality, rural community or local service district (LSD) officially commit to the AFC approach.
  • Age-Friendly Community initiative approved by Municipality in March 2013.
  1. Establish an Age-Friendly Steering Committee and find support in order to actively engage the community and in particular seniors.
  • An Age-Friendly Steering Committee was formed in 2012.
  • A coordinator was assigned to the Age-Friendly Community project to ensure the viability of the project and the achievement of the objectives of the action plan.
  1. Conduct an age-friendly assessment in consultation with the community and seniors.
  • Public consultations were held with the senior population with consultant Vanessa Haché of VH Consultants to develop a strategic plan.
  1. Establish a comprehensive action plan, including measures, that responds to the needs identified by seniors in the community.
  • Senior-related activities and information sessions are offered annually as per the strategic plan.
  • The Age-Friendly Community committee consults with stakeholders/senior related organizations regularly.
  • April 2017, the Municipalité régionale de Tracadie adopted a Seniors Policy, one of the important objectives of the Age-Friendly Community Action Plan.
  • Objectives of the Age-Friendly Community Action Plan include:
    • Quality housing
    • Improved access to commercial and public buildings
    • Improved transportation for seniors
    • Creating a safe community for seniors
    • Recognizing the contribution of seniors to the community
    • Including seniors in the political life of the community
    • Promoting the transfer of knowledge and experience of seniors
    • Offering a dynamic program of activities
    • Encouraging communication
    • Creating appropriate places to hold activities for seniors


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