Central NB Academy

At Central NB Academy, we have formed a Healthy Eating Group with middle and high school students. This group meets once each week and we work to promote healthy eating within our school. We are working on a music video in partnership with the middle school choir, and also with vegetable costumes. The video should be released soon and may even be available on our school website. We also serve healthy snacks from time to time during lunch time at our school. One of our favourite snacks is yogurt parfaits with berries, bananas and rice krispie toppings.

CNBA has also partnered with our public health nurse and the dietician from our health center to offer the Chefs Program as an after school program for middle school students. We are also holding meetings and discussions with our cafeteria staff to work at improving the nutritional value of foods served in our cafeteria.

Our wellness committee includes community social worker, RCMP officer, guidance counsellor, public health nurse, school principal, physical education teacher and 2 students from our school. The wellness committee is planning some spring activities for all our students, grade 6-12, to happen in May which will include outdoor activities such as hiking, fly fishing, guiding, pottery, yoga. We are always looking to do activities that will help to improve the health and wellbeing of all students in our school. Go CNBA!