P.R.O Kids

P.R.O Kids provides assistance to as many children and youth as possible in the Edmundston area that are unable to participate in sport, art, recreation or cultural activities due to financial limitations. Activities such as the arts, culture, recreation and sports are known to promote self-esteem, healthy growth, increased knowledge and personal development and P.R.O kids believes every kid should have the same chance to develop these skills.

P.R.O. Kids receives support from many local organizations, businesses and service providers who donate spaces in their programs, provide financial or “in kind” assistance, and/or donate supplies, equipment. 100% of the funds received through donations, grants and fundraisers to go directly to the children and youth of the community.

Schools in the Edmunston area have taken a huge role in support of the program. Students participated in a recent fundraiser called Marche en ‘pieds de bas’ and walked 7km or 20,000 steps through the streets of Edmundston in support of P.R.O. Kids. P.R.O. Kids is the recent winner of a $1000 wellness grant which will be presented as part of a public Wellness Forum in the North West region which will include a community dialogue on how to keep the ball rolling for wellness in the North West region!