École Mgr-Matthieu-Mazerolle de Rivière-Verte

At École Mgr-Matthieu-Mazerolle in Rivière-Verte, both students and families alike are getting involved and joining the Wellness Movement!

This past November, students participated in a special wellness day. The morning kicked off with a crepe and fruit juice breakfast, and then parents and community members joined in for educational sessions, art workshops, food and games. Students were all given a balloon to burst that had been inflated while containing a variety of inspirational messages and friendship bracelets.

Parental turnout and participation was significant, and the school’s 2013 initiative will also offer an opportunity for interested parents/family members to get involved. The initiative features a contest wherein students earn an “energy cube” for every fifteen minutes of physical activity they complete. And, if a family member completes fifteen minutes of physical activity, that student is entitled to an energy cube earned by the parent’s contribution.

With a variety of prizes to be won, the energy cube endeavor has students excited about getting active, and they in turn are pushing their family members to participate as well. The Wellness Movement is alive and well in Rivière-Verte!