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A colorful, bilingual poster presenting the 12 determinants of health adopted as part of New Brunswick’s Wellness Strategy. Offered in 8½” by 14″ format to be printed and used as an educational tool to introduce the influence of the determinants of health on an individual’s wellness, or on a population’s general wellness levels. A presentation of each determinant is available in NB’s Wellness Strategy.

The Wellness Movement

Mental Fitness

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Mental fitness refers to a state of psychological well-being. It means having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act, which improves our ability to enjoy life. What [...]

Learn More

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What is Wellness? Wellness is the optimal state of health and well-being of individuals and groups. It is the ability of people and communities to reach their fullest potential, both [...]

Resources For You

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To complement the 2014-2021 New Brunswick’s Wellness Strategy, The Wellness Movement is evolving to become a portal that will direct individuals, families, community groups, schools or workplaces interested in working […]


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What is The Wellness Movement? An ongoing effort to inspire and support the creation of wellness-supporting environments that benefit all New Brunswickers. Read more...The Wellness Movement supports New Brunswick’s Wellness Strategy by being [...]

Roger’s Story

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How facing his darkest moment helped one man shine a light on a new purpose in life.

My Healthy School Guide

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A tool to support the process of setting up your own health and wellness committee, so you can implement activities and initiatives aimed at improving the health and wellness of everyone in your school, and establish a Healthy Schools strategy. The guide was originally published in French by the Mouvement Acadien des communautés en santé du Nouveau-Brunswick, and translated into English by the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities..

Mouvement Acadien des Communautés en Santé du