Preventative Action for Community Kids

Preventative Action for Community Kids – doing it for the children!

Preventative Action for Community Kids, also known as PACK, is a community-based early education program serving Sussex and surrounding areas. Offering a variety of programs and courses focusing on kids aged 0-5 years, the goal is to instill healthy values in parents and young children alike.

The programs touch on a variety of subjects andinclude music programs for the whole family; cooking courses for toddlers; parenting courses; and seasonal get-togethers such as the Fall Kick-Off and Welcome Santa events. There’s even a program just for dads and their kids!

Social and emotional development and safety are the key focus areas and PACK has enjoyed enormous success to date. The kids just love the classes; not only can they not wait to come back, but they often don’t want to leave when class is dismissed! The benefits of the programs have also been recognized by the community. For example, a number of kindergarten teachers have commented that they have been able to recognize when new primary students have participated in a PACK program based on their advanced musical and socialization skills.

All participants are pleased with the outcomes and PACK is going to continue to offer and expand on existing programs over the years to come. Stay tuned!