Réseau du Mieux-Être de la Péninsule acadienne

In October of 2010, the Réseau du Mieux-Être de la Péninsule acadienne launched its first tri-annual Wellness Day, and the events have been a huge success ever since. The events focus on the four pillars of Wellness: Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Mental Fitness and Resilience and Tobacco-Free Living. The events run from morning to evening and consist of roughly 15 different activities, ranging from a variety of physical pursuits to healthy cooking classes, hobby presentations, social interaction and much more. The events are free to take part in and always include a free, healthy, noon-time meal.

Organizers attribute the success of the events to many factors. The events change location every season, and participants come from all over the region to participate. In fact, at one of the events held in a town with only 900 residents, more than 1000 people showed up to take part. Another part of the appeal is that the organized activities are all designed to teach, and attendees can learn a new skill or develop new hobbies, all while living well and having fun.

The events have been tremendously well received, and serve as a prime example of how to engage the community inteaching and learning new ways to live well. The Réseau du Mieux-Être de la Péninsule acadienne has been recognized with a Prix Soleil 2013 from Le Movement Acadien des Communautés en Santé du Nouveau-Brunswick (MACS-NB). Planning for the next event is already underway and organizers, volunteers and participants alike are all looking forward to a great – and healthy – time.