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Learn to Run for Smokers

The “Learn to Run for Smokers” program was designed by the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. The objective of the 8-week program is to teach smokers and quitters training and running techniques. The underlying objective is to initiate the participants to running and being active, in order for them to grow a greater interest for it and eventually use it as a motivation to quit smoking, or keep living tobacco-free, since physical activity and smoking don’t belong together.

As of July 2015, the program is offered in the Acadian Peninsula only, by contacting Brigitte Ouellette or Marie-Josée Roussel

The Lung Association of Nova Scotia

Learn to Run for Smokers – Implementing a Group

The “Learn to Run for Smokers” program can be implemented anywhere in New Brunswick, by any group interested in coordinating it. To learn more on the program, how it works and how to start a group in your community, watch this webinar presented by one of the lead persons who implemented it in New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula.

This webinar was presented by the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Coalition of New Brunswick in collaboration with the New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition

Live Well | Bien vivre

Live Well | Bien Vivre (LW|BV) is a Health Coaching program residing with Diabetes Canada and funded by the Government of New Brunswick. Free and accessible to anyone 19 and older, their Health Coaches are present in various regions across the province working to support clients in the pursuit of their wellness goals. Their unique approach guides clients through stages of change, while connecting participants with community resources and supporting self determination. Live Well | Bien Vivre wants to see New Brunswickers’ health and wellness thrive and is dedicated to having a positive impact on health outcomes to prevent chronic disease. Contact a health coach today to start your journey!

Stay in touch with Live Well | Bien Vivre via their Facebook page.

Diabetes Canada

Mental Fitness Toolkit

The Mental Fitness Toolkit assembles a series of documents presenting basic information that you need to know about mental fitness, including what it is and how you can support it in various settings. It contains 7 separate yet complementary information sheets and infographics visually presenting key definitions and tips to support mental fitness. These include:

  • An information sheet defining mental fitness and CAR needs (Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness);
  • An information sheet on how to build mental fitness into a program or activity;
  • An information sheet presenting a Portrait of Mental Fitness;
  • An infographic on what is mental fitness and the environments that influence it;
  • An infographic on how CAR needs influence mental fitness in all environments;
  • An infographic on how CAR needs influence mental fitness in work environments;
  • An infographic on how CAR needs influence mental fitness within the community.
New Brunswick Department of Social Development - Wellness Branch