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Inspired and Well – A Toolkit on Mental Fitness for Seniors

Healthy aging is an adventurous journey. It is about taking steps that are important to you and using opportunities to take care of yourself. This toolkit offers tips and ideas on how you can maintain a positive sense of well-being and enhance your mental fitness. It can be used individually or with groups who want to have discussions on the topic of mental fitness and healthy aging. It includes activity sheets to fill out and many links to other relevant resources.

The Wellness Movement

Making My Outdoor Event Smoke-Free

Make sure your event supports wellness by being smoke-free! This guide is designed to help you during your planning with information and ideas to help make your outdoor community event smoke-free.

Outdoor events provide a wonderful opportunity for community activity and engagement. Most New Brunswickers don’t want to breathe in second-hand smoke. Creating a smoke-free outdoor event protects people, especially children, from exposure to dangerous second-hand smoke.

This guide was originally launched in January 2015. The legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018 and the increasing popularity of vapour products over recent years pose new challenges regarding the promotion and respect of wellness-supporting tobacco and smoke-free environments. The guide has been revised in April 2019 to reflect these new challenges, and now includes a companion Guide and toolkit to promote the smoke-free nature of your event.

New Brunswick Anti-Tobacco Coalition (NBATC)

Mental Fitness Toolkit

The Mental Fitness Toolkit assembles a series of documents presenting basic information that you need to know about mental fitness, including what it is and how you can support it in various settings. It contains 7 separate yet complementary information sheets and infographics visually presenting key definitions and tips to support mental fitness. These include:

  • An information sheet defining mental fitness and CAR needs (Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness);
  • An information sheet on how to build mental fitness into a program or activity;
  • An information sheet presenting a Portrait of Mental Fitness;
  • An infographic on what is mental fitness and the environments that influence it;
  • An infographic on how CAR needs influence mental fitness in all environments;
  • An infographic on how CAR needs influence mental fitness in work environments;
  • An infographic on how CAR needs influence mental fitness within the community.
New Brunswick Department of Social Development - Wellness Branch

My Community at a Glance

An interactive map of New Brunswick, providing data on health outcomes and determinants to build healthier communities. The Population Health Snapshot has been developed to inform New Brunswickers about their health, provincially and by health zone.

New Brunswick Health Council

Navigating Dementia NB

Need help navigating dementia care in New Brunswick?
We are recruiting people with dementia, their care partners, and members of their care team to participate in a research project to help people navigate dementia care in New Brunswick. If you are interested in learning more about this research project, please contact a patient navigator.

Navigating Dementia NB