Sainte-Anne Community Centre

The Sainte-Anne Community Centre in Fredericton – which houses two schools, a seniors center, 30+ community organizations and a café – is the second-largest provincially owned building in New Brunswick. Up until last year, all of the food offered at the centre was prepared and sold by a private company.

This year, things are different. As of September, CÉ DICI (Collectif Économique D’Innovation Culturelle et Identitaire) took over the preparation and sale of all food in the building. CÉ DICI is unique in many ways, but at the heart of this not-for-profit organization is the food they offer. The goal is to ensure 10% of menu offerings are organic, 30% produced in New Brunswick, and 60% of Canadian origin.

The group has full control over what foods are used in preparation and how those foods are prepared. They have partnered with numerous local and regional providers, and are building a database of these providers so that other organizations in the region can do the same!

The project has been an enormous success and was recognized in November 2012 by le Mouvement acadien des Communautés en santé (MACS-NB) with a Prix Soleil. The feedback from students, parents and staff has been tremendous, and the cafeteria food is now seen as a desirable and healthy option for hungry people of all ages. The program is going strong in the new year, and Chef René G. Thériault and his student entrepreneurs will continue preparing healthy food and educating fellow students and guests on the value of eating local.