Crosby Molasses

Crosby Molasses is making Wellness a priority!

Jeanette Howley, Plant Manager at Crosby’s Molasses, says that the company is “extremely committed to Wellness”. And, they certainly are practicing what they preach.

Crosby’s offers a multitude of Wellness activities free of charge to their employees at least once a month. They offer a multitude of different initiatives, many of which include lunch-time activities such as Zumba, yoga and bootcamps. However, Crosby’s also offers longer-term programs such as a twelve-week Wellness Challenge, where participants meet with Wellness Professionals to develop personalized programs and set and work towards specific Wellness goals, such as weight loss, loss in inches and increased physical fitness.

The wellness program at Crosby’s has been a huge success. The success of the program is confirmed by by both hard and soft measures. More than 75% of participants have reached their Wellness goal and the workplace has seen a big jump in employee morale, (particularly after lunch-time classes), and a decrease in sick days and absenteeism. There is a sense of excitement at Crosby’s about wellness and staff are already planning new initiatives for 2013.