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Discover how the “edible benches” project strengthened the community of St. Martins while supporting healthy living in the village.

St. Martins is a close-knit community. Not too long ago a group of passionate community members got together as a group that they called the St. Martins Area Communiteers. Watch two of the group’s prominent figures, Fern and Kathi, and a few community residents tell us about the impact one of the Communiteers’ projects, called “Incredible Edible”, had on the village. It’s brought people closer, connected generations and beautified the village, all while promoting healthy living. The magic of a community that’s empowered to affect change for the better is that the project stemmed into multiple other initiatives, and brought a huge sense of pride to all those in the village. Wellness Lives where we can communities – and generations – come together. Wellness Lives Here.

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