Workplace Wellness: A Comprehensive Approach

Just as the Roadmap provides guidance on how to implement workplace wellness, a comprehensive approach provides guidance on what to focus on within an organization to create and maintain a wellness-supporting environment.

A comprehensive approach to workplace wellness is not just one specific program, policy or strategy, although these are fundamental in any organization. It is a philosophy, an approach to business that is incorporated into the culture, business plans and everyday operations of an organization whose shareholders, owners and managers care about both the advancement of their organization and the health and well-being of their employees.

Creating and maintaining a wellness-supportive workplace using a comprehensive approach involves addressing three essential and interdependent elements within an organization: a supportive organizational culture, occupational health and safety and employee wellness practices.

When employees, employers and other stakeholders work together to adopt this approach and address these three key elements in the organization, it can start a change in the workplace that can positively influence employee engagement, employee and organizational productivity and the organization’s competitive advantage. With a combination of commitment, creativity and passion, organizations of any size can implement a comprehensive approach to workplace wellness in a way that benefits both employees and the organization.


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