Workplace Wellness: A Roadmap for Your Journey

This Roadmap was developed, based on NB’s Wellness Strategy and Framework, to provide New Brunswick workplaces with an easy-to-follow guide for integrating workplace wellness into their business strategy and operations as well as a planning process for delivering their own programs. It recommends a series of key steps that an organization can take on their journey towards creating wellness-supporting environments for employees. And, in doing so, build the capabilities needed for long-term improvements in employee engagement, productivity, quality of service and overall organizational performance.

Whether an organization is thinking big from the start, wants to begin with something smaller or is changing up what you’re doing now, the Roadmap can be used by any organization and on any part of their workplace wellness journey. These steps can be followed, for example, when organizing a 10 week activity in a workplace or when embarking on a multi-year plan for investing in the wellness of employees across an organization.

Please take the time to review the Roadmap and use it, along with the other information available on this web portal, to help you approach workplace wellness in a way that supports your employees, and works for your organization too!

Click on any road sign or highlighted word on the Roadmap below to learn more about the recommended actions to take in each step and access links to the resources currently available that can help you along the way.


To download a copy of the Roadmap (PDF) click on the link below:

Workplace Wellness – A Roadmap for your Journey
Created by the Workplace Wellness Movement