Implement your Workplace Wellness Plan

The following key actions are recommended for this step:

  • Secure the resources that were identified in your plan
  • Implement, monitor and adjust your strategies for regularly engaging your stakeholders and facilitating the changes that were planned within your organization
  • Provide support to management in their role within daily operations and to encourage their continued commitment to workplace wellness
  • Build capacity within your organization and support continued participation in workplace wellness by maintaining a focus on strengths, on providing employees choice wherever possible, and on connecting with others and the organization through shared values
  • Monitor your progress, make changes to your activities and programs and to your communication plans, as needed
  • Provide formal and informal learning and development opportunities related to workplace wellness for everyone within your organization e.g. committee participation, leading workplace activities, sharing skills with colleagues, workshops, etc.
  • Celebrate your progress toward your goals and regularly recognize people’s contributions to your successes
  • Measure and share the results of your workplace wellness efforts and the positive outcomes for your people and your organization

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Workplace Wellness Case Studies by the Conference Board of Canada