Preparing for the Change Ahead

Staff from Moncton-based software development company Dovico with their CEO Yves Doucet at Crossroads for Women’s corporate 10 km fundraiser relay in 2013. Read their Workplace Wellness Story!

Preparing to make positive changes within your organization is an important first step on your journey. Before moving ahead, take the time to talk to management and employees. Learn about what’s working well and get a better understanding of what could be improved with respect to the physical and social environments in your organization. With this information, you can start to build on your current strengths and prepare for how your new workplace wellness approach will impact your employees and your organization.

The following key actions are recommended for this step and, where applicable, are described in more detail in the other steps on the Roadmap:

  • Determine your organization’s readiness for the changes you are planning. Knowing where you are starting from on your journey can help you plan for how you will get to where you want to be in the future
  • Identify and plan the steps you’ll need to take to involve your people from the beginning and to help your organization on the journey toward your new approach to workplace wellness
  • Identify who your workplace wellness stakeholders are and how they can positively contribute to the changes you are making and your workplace wellness plans
  • Initiate change management strategies that engage your stakeholders in helping you to implement a comprehensive approach and anchor wellness as an integral part of your organizational culture

Find more information, tools and resources to help you below:


Workplace Wellness Case Study by the Conference Board of Canada