Create and Share Your Own Wellness Story Video!

Your Wellness Story is about more than what you do and the choices you make. Think of it as a tree. Just like a tree, your wellness is shaped by the environment around you – the people in your life and the places where you live, learn, work, and where you spend your free time. When these people and places have a positive influence on your wellness story, they help you thrive!

What people and places make up your supportive environment and help you flourish? Here’s your chance to put together your own video to share on social media and celebrate the people and places that nourish your wellness story.

Get inspired by watching the sample video, below:


Ready to make your own Wellness Story video? Simply upload five pictures of the people and places that inspire and support you. Choose photos of friends, family, co-workers, a mentor, a coach, anyone who you feel is instrumental to your wellness. You can also include photos of places like a park, a trail you love, your cottage, a lake or river you sail on every now and then, etc. They too play a big role in making wellness happen in your life! You’ll also be able to select a caption to appear next to one of the photos in your video.