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Roger’s Story

Sometimes change happens naturally. Other times it is thrust upon us. Roger Stoddard didn’t realize his life story would completely change course after what seemed like a minor car accident. At the time, he was in the best shape of his life, working as an operating engineer, going 100 miles…
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About Start Your Story

The Wellness Movement guides anyone working on any aspect of wellness to a wide selection of valuable, meaningful resources to help them on their journey. In 2015, a new theme called Start Your Story invites people to think about their wellness and the wellness of those around them in their communities, schools, workplaces and at home. It celebrates all the amazing things people have done to improve their wellness, while encouraging others to take action. Find your motivation in these stories and discover your reason to start your own wellness story!

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Break it off

Break It Off

Using an innovative new approach, this national tobacco cessation awareness campaign aims to encourage young adults to quit smoking, stay quit and move on with their life staying…


Measuring the Food Environment in Canada

This 2013 report describes the current Canadian evidence on geographical access to nutritious food, and associations between food environments and diet-related health outcomes.