How Supportive Environments Shape Wellness

Wellness is about more than individual lifestyle choices. It is shaped by the people around us and the places where we live, learn, work and spend our free time. Just like a tree, wellness needs the right conditions to grow. These people and places help grow our wellness in both big and small ways. They create the supportive environments that nourish our wellness like soil, water and sunshine. Learn more about how The Wellness Movement is celebrating the people and places that are creating supportive environments all around New Brunswick!

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District scolaire francophone Nord-Ouest’s Story

A key focus area of wellness, mental fitness and resilience may be the least understood and most overlooked, yet it leads the way to a healthy lifestyle and increases our ability to face life’s challenges. This is a fact not missed by Lise Aubut, who developed a guide on the subject in 2010, entitled “On the Right Track”, in collaboration with Isabel Savoie, formerly of New Brunswick’s…
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