Preparing for the Change Ahead

Staff from Moncton-based software development company Dovico with their CEO Yves Doucet at Crossroads for Women’s corporate 10 km fundraiser relay in 2013. Read their Workplace Wellness Story!

Preparing for the transition to create healthy change within your organization is an important first step. To be successful, you must align your organizational culture and its structure, ensure your employee initiatives align with your business strategy, and involve management and employees in the change process. Avoid rushing into creating a healthy organization. Take stock by first learning about what works well, and understanding what needs to be fixed with respect to your employee practices, culture and work environment.

Find more information, tools and resources to help you:

  • Determine your organizations readiness for change
  • Identify the necessary steps to help your people and your organization transition from your current state to your new workplace wellness approach
  • Identify who your workplace wellness stakeholders are and how they impact or can contribute to your workplace wellness plan
  • Initiate a change-management process that engages all stakeholders and supports embedding wellness into the organization