Central Miramichi Wellness Network

The Central Miramichi Wellness Network is working with the community to make healthy living a priority.

The Central Miramichi Wellness Network consists of individuals, groups, and organizations throughout the Rural Community of Upper Miramichi and the Village of Doaktown and since its inception in 2010, has worked alongside these communities to address health and wellness needs in the region.

To really connect with individuals in the region, the Wellness Network has taken on a number of initiatives. Perhaps most visibly striking is their Couch Potato mascot who turns up at community events, encouraging participants to get active and Join the Wellness Movement.

The Wellness Network is also involved in a number of other efforts, including guided grocery store tours led by a dietitian, healthy get togethers and information sessions. According to Lynsey Wilson, Social Worker with the Horizon Health Network, Joining the Wellness Movement doesn’t have to be a major life shift; “Wellness is about enjoying a canoe trip down the beautiful Miramichi River, taking a walk or playing a round of golf with friends, cheering on our local athletes at a hockey game at the arena or helping out at a fundraiser”.

The response in the community has been very positive and those involved are looking forward to keeping the momentum going and continuing to spread the word for years to come.