It’s never too late

Cathy’s Story

What was happening in your life and around you before you made the change?

My youngest daughter got married in April, 2014. I was asked to carry her youngest daughter (5 months old) down the aisle and had was ashamed to be in any wedding pictures, my weight had gotten so bad. I could barely make it carrying her, my back hurt so much. My oldest grandson came for a visit in the summer, and I had to watch from the sidelines – unable to participate in any activities.

What change(s) did you decide to make? What was your “tipping point”, the moment you decided to make change(s)?

My tipping point was no longer being able to hold my grandkids on my lap. My daughters were afraid for my health. I was getting to a point where I was soon going to be unable to make it up the stairs to my apartment. I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes. I saw a story about a man who was 500+ pounds who started walking in his own home. I thought… I could do that. On October 19, 2014 I walked for 5 minutes – back and forth from my door to the bathroom and back. I decided to give up fast food/take out and pop. I increased my walking to 5 minutes 3 x a day. Each week I added on another minute. I walked indoors and out – all through winter.  I walked my #3 daughter’s dog around their neighbourhood a few times a week. After a month I started lifting some weights 3 x a week. I looked for healthy versions of things I liked to eat. I tracked everything I ate and my exercising in My Fitness Pal. I gave up added sugars and have worked towards giving up all processed foods. I strive to eat at least 5 servings of veg each day. In the spring I started an aquacize class 2 x a week. I eventually joined fit4less to ride their stationary bike in the event that I found it too hot to walk in the summer. I found a stationary bike on Kijiji for $15 so then used the gym for their 30 minute circuit weights.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them (who and what supported you)?

The challenge was not to diet. All other diet attempts had failed. This time I just took on healthy balanced eating and moving more each day. I joined Brian Flemming’s support group Team 383 – a safe private Facebook group where people from all over the world support each other through weight loss. I found it kept me accountable.  The secret is moving more and eating less.  On mother’s day my daughter Jacklyn surprised me with signing me up for the Fredericton Annual Mother’s Day 5k race with her and my 5 year old granddaughter. I achieved my first goal! We both bawled our eyes out when we crossed the finish line. On September 29, we did a 10k.

What are the results of your journey for you and those around you, both today and in the near future?

I am coming up on my one year anniversary of my journey to a healthier me. I started at 425 and am now at 208. I have earned the respect and support of my children who never stopped telling me how proud they are of how dedicated I am to this process. My doctor was thrilled with my results at my last check up. I feel younger now than I have in 20 years. I actually bought a pair of blue jeans – my youngest (28) has never seen my in jeans before. If I never lose another pound, I will be ok with that… as I have regained my life, my health, my family. We are continually looking for adventures to go on. I no longer sit on the sidelines – I am in on all the action – jumping on the trampoline with my grandkids, hiking and camping in Fundy park, apple picking…  whatever comes along!  Goal for next year: a half marathon. I have discovered that LIFE IS GOOD.