City of Campbellton

Among a variety of other workplace wellness initiatives, Campbellton City Hall employees have issued an open challenge to other civic departments in town. The challenge, which consists of playing a different game against a different department each week, promotes social interaction and relationship building on top of the inherent physical benefits. The games include dodge ball, soccer, baseball and obstacle courses, all played in a fun and friendly atmosphere aimed at promoting camaraderie over competition. Not only does the challenge incorporate physical activity and social interaction, it also includes a healthy eating component as well. All participants are encouraged to bring a healthy lunch from home, and, after the game, employees get together to eat their lunch and chat about the day’s events. The benefits are numerous; workers feel better and have more energy after exercising and eating well, and a new spirit of community has developed between different civic departments that previously had little chance to connect with each other. The feedback has been great, participant numbers have been growing and the group looks forward to continuing this venture into the future.