École Grande-Digue

At École Grande-Digue students are staying after-school to learn new skills!

Faculty and students at École Grande-Digue recognize the importance of making commitments to living well. To help keep students active, eating well and increasing their mental fitness, the school offers a series of after-school programs consisting of a variety of events and activities.

The after-school programs are divided into two parts and over the course of the year most weeks include five separate programs put on by the administration and community members. One of the programs, called Sports Plus, is designed to keep the kids physically active. Sports Plus offers a variety of games and activities on some days, and training specific to different sports on other days. It’s open to students in grades three through eight.
The school’s other program, called COMBO, has a broad focus on wellness. Featuring healthy cooking classes, physical activities, cultural studies and even gardening courses, this program is open to students in primary through second grade as well as to the older kids.

The results of the programs have been great. The immediate benefits of the program are healthier, active kids learning about making long-term healthy choices. Because roughly sixty percent of the school’s students participate, the positive energy and healthy living has been visible school-wide. With more programs to come next year, morale at Grande-Digue continues to fly high.