Communities in motion Committee

Communities in motion is a community-based volunteer organization which includes Moncton, Riverview and Dieppe. The committee aims to promote the four pillars of wellness – physical activity, healthy eating, mental fitness and resilience and tobacco-free living – by bringing the three communities together and creating a broader sense of community through the common goal of healthy living. Committee members representing each community compile their resources and plan events that are accessible to the residents of all three towns. Recently, a special “in motion Trails Day” was organized, with all participants departing on a hike from their home community and meeting in the middle of a trail system that connects the three towns. The event was a huge success, and on top of being a lot of fun, reminded all participants that their communities really are connected!

The in motion brand is used by all three groups to organize activities ranging from summer day camps for kids, four-season activity sessions (such as the “Snow Motion” event, designed to promote physical activity in the chilly winter months), and free skates and swims.